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Health and Beauty - South Surrey back pain clinic traction therapies in the chiropractic practice

Published on February 18, 2018
Published by Dr Gregg Anderson
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I, as a South Surrey Chiropractor, see back pain in our South Surrey office as our number one problem in our growing clinic.  Disabling back pain as a South Surrey Chiropractor is an epidemic problem in our society and with respect to the population under 50 years of age, it is the problem that causes the most disability to individuals and the most time away from work than any other health problem.  In our South Surrey Chiropractor office, along with many other offices in the area, we use traction therapy in the form of spinal decompression and the chiro-manis table to aid certain back problems South Surrey Chiropractor may find. 

                South Surrey Chiropractor clinics have found it true that there are many different types of back trouble that respond well to traction therapies. Even though there may be many different types of back trouble, South Surrey Chiropractor studies present just a few to focus on in this article. Herniated, bulging or protruding disc is the most common problem which responds well to decompressive treatments.  Approximately 80 percent of patients with these problems respond favourably from South Surrey Chiropractor treatments as shown by multiple studies that give this statistic.  The success of treatment prescribed by the South Surrey Chiropractor depends upon the type of disc problem that exists.  The most extreme herniation of the disc is a torn disc with extrusion of the gelatinous center of the disc onto the nerve root.  South Surrey Chiropractor would like to make known that because the disc is no longer a complete and closed unit the bulge can no longer be pulled in with the appropriate traction technique used by South Surrey Chiropractor.  Usually surgery is then needed in which the South Surrey Chiropractor will refer the patient to the recommended facility if the patient needs a recommendation of servicing offices.  Fortunately, the need for surgery or other extensive treatment that a chiropractor does not provide is only about 5 percent of the disc problems that South Surrey Chiropractor come across. 


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